Faith musings

Sometimes I find myself in conversation with atheists who hold beliefs and live their lives closer to the Gospel than many people “whose favorite book is the Bible”–yes, that is a Trump reference. I don’t understand because there are many things I can’t imagine having the energy to care about if I didn’t believe that God cares about them.

The poor–easier to ignore them.

The environment–I’ll be dead in a few decades, what do I care?

Basically all morality–why shouldn’t I do whatever I can get away with that benefits me?

But I do believe in forgiving people sevenXseven times. I do believe mercy is better than sacrifice (doing the right thing in the first place is better than trying to make up for doing the wrong thing). I do believe I am responsible and will be held accountable for the actions I take or don’t take that affect others; the words I speak or don’t speak; and even my thoughts. Even this.

Perhaps this is the law God wrote in our hearts, and whether we believe he wrote it or not, it is there, and some people will listen while others refuse–and profession doesn’t have much to do with it. But I am so very confused how inconsistent human beings can be. How can you follow Christ and also never see his face in the hungry, the imprisoned, the insane? The way I’ve heard people talk about the poor, immigrants, etc., there is no way they see Christ in their faces because a Christian could never talk about Christ that way.

I am coming to think our society is not compatible with Christianity. I’m no Communist, but how on Earth can a system based on consumption, competition, profiting, and ownership (and where law does not prohibit it, exploitation) be reconciled with a philosophy of self-sacrifice, humility, forgiveness, generosity, faith, and hope? How can children learn to look at everyone equally while living in a system full of hierarchies which they must strive to ascend? It is totally contradictory. Even our democracy is false, and money has so much power. There must be another way.

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