Happy Australia Day (I guess)

Calendars are wonderful for letting you know about holidays that–no offense to anyone–you don’t really care about. Today is Australia Day I found out from my calendar. Yesterday’s masterpiece was a sword hilt I could not see that well, so we’ll just skip it.

What a busy time it’s been. I can’t believe I’m done with school. Actually, I’m probably not–but I’m done for now, and I’m done with that school. I am much more proud to be an alumna than I was to be a student (except perhaps for the first two weeks or so after I was admitted).

My husband and I were really trying to start the next chapter of our life in a different city, but a couple of weeks ago I was looking at the student/alumni career site and saw an opportunity in San Diego that looked really good. It looked so good I decided I would apply to it despite it being here! They emailed me a few days later… and I interviewed a few days after that… and the next day they made me an offer!

I can’t believe how anxious I felt. I have only ever had one panic attack, and thankfully it was brief and I was able to appear pretty normal on the outside (it was at the dentist’s office)… but when I was in that moment of actually making the decision of taking a job/choosing a city for at least the next year/giving up the other opportunities I have/cancelling other interviews/ starting work Monday/etc., I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t panic, but I did have some anxiety tears. In my defense, I only had a day to respond before the offer expired; some positions I would have turned down on principle for that, but like I said, this was such a good opportunity…

So I took it. I start working Monday. But I also have to move Wednesday! Did I mention that?

It’s all okay. There are benefits to staying in this area, such as working on network connections I’ve already made, never needing winter tires, and continuing to eat amazing Mexican food on the regular. The more substantial benefit is the high concentration of excellent schools here, since my husband will be going to college now, and since I will most likely continue my education as well. Still. Someday we’ve gotta move north.

Anyway, today’s masterpiece:

Landscape with Cattle (detail) by Jacob van Strij, oil on wood, ca. 1800.

***I’ll update later—was just gently reminded by husband that it’s time to go visit a place we might rent!! ***

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