I honestly thought I’d scrapbook


Big Buddha in Kamakurabuddha2

That is a big Buddha

When my better half and I started dating around six years ago, I got it into my head that I’d collect things to scrapbook. I am just now taping stuff into a book. I’m not nearly as crafty as I guess I thought I was.

Anyway, man, it is so nice going through all of this junk. Cards and notes we exchanged. Arguments we got over.

“It was really nice playing Scrabble with you this morning… The shit talking was also prime. Well, mine was anyway. :P” — from a note he wrote me back in the day

I’ve rediscovered notes, photos, business cards from memorable restaurants, foreign customer loyalty cards (there was this bakery in Japan where we spent way too much money on fresh mini chocolate donuts), train maps, and museum brochures.

I have nothing profound or smart or really touching to say. It’s just a really lovely thing, looking back and recalling so many happy experiences with this person. When you’re falling in love, or when you’re becoming best friends, or even when you’re beginning to meld into a single matrimonial entity, do you realize it? I don’t know. But looking back at it is kind of like reading an amazing book for the second time. The first time you read it, you get the story; the second time you read it, you get the details.

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