Preparations, transportation, and where to put my emergency floss

Lately I have been making preparations for fall which I hope will make my life a little easier, since I anticipate my classes getting harder. One of the things I’m doing is researching my transportation options. I live about 25 miles from the school I’ll be attending, and in rush hour, that could put my commute at about an hour one way. On top of that, the route has some serious hills, and I would probably be using air conditioning (because green as I try to be, I hate sitting in a hot car).

I really want to align my behavior with my beliefs though, hence the research. The bus won’t work because I’m not Japanese, and I’m not commuting a total of four hours per day–I only mention the Japanese because I saw a TV program years ago about a real Japanese man who really did commute for four hours per day! No!

Carpool won’t work because… I just live in the boonies and I’m not very sociable. Who would I carpool with?

All the cool people are vanpooling. Of course, by “all the cool people” I simply mean “an increasing number of people I know.” Though I do feel some trepidation about it, I did decide to send an inquiry about it to my school vanpool coordinator.

The cost will probably be less than what I’d pay for gasoline and a parking permit–that’s not an issue.

I might be trapped with a van full of weirdos for an hour or two per day–that’s not even an issue.

Really, it’s my junk. Where will I put it? I don’t want to carry my lunch bag around, as well as my backpack full of books and possibly lab gear (coat, goggles). And I have to have an emergency stash of floss, feminine products, a baseball cap, and hand sanitizer somewhere–that’s just part of who I am! And I refuse to buy a wheelie backpack before my hair turns white!

Cue the silly thing that made me feel totally stoked today:

UCSD has lockers for rent for commuter students! So if I do join a vanpool or find some other way to ditch my car, I’ll have a place for my bento box and my hat and everything! Whew!

Sometimes it really is just the little things in life that bring joy or comfort or relief. I guess sometimes it’s just knowing that one of those ‘little things’ even exists. What happened today was that I decided it was important to ask about the vanpool. I decided that not having a place for my emergency supplies was not an acceptable reason to forget about it and just keep driving my car every day. (I should add that I might not join a vanpool–but only because there might not be one that I can easily reach, or that will fit with my schedule.) I decided that if I could, I would just make the sacrifice, stupid and minor as it would be. Only after that did I find out I wouldn’t need to make that sacrifice at all!

Now the serious question: what cool pictures would I tape up inside my locker? Periodic table? Cute animals? Tardises and starships?

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