“That’s why I’m single.”

Today was pretty good for me. The only bits that weren’t too great were (1) leaving my physics notebook somewhere, and (2) dealing with the sexist attitudes of boys men who don’t think they have sexist attitudes.

If I end up going to a California State University, then I’ll need a couple of general education courses before graduating. Could be Chicano Studies, Black Studies, American History, Women’s Studies, or a handful of others (two courses in the same sequence). I’m always thinking that I have no idea which I’ll choose if I do end up going to State. I thought of this a little bit today as I was standing outside my physics classroom awaiting the professor. Looking around, I thought, “Tell me I’m not the only woman in this class.” Next to me was a black man, and I thought, “He’s probably the only black person in this class.”

Opening my eyes to ‘the patriarchy,’ so to speak–but really more just the denigrating, objectifying, &c. attitudes so many even young men seem to have toward women–has also opened my eyes to racism.

Anyway, the title of this post comes from a Facebook conversation an acquaintance of mine was having. It’s not worth detailing (neither is any of the women-blaming, women-bashing, women-hating, women-wanting ‘tude I ever deal with online or IRL of course). It’s just this aggravating, offensive, and frankly somewhat pitiful things that I’ve heard a lot of male persons say (both online and IRL). Goes something like this:

[Something I hate that seemingly all women do/think/don’t do/don’t think]. That’s why I’m still single.

No, maybe you’re still single because you’re not the kind of man who attracts the kind of woman you say you need.

Well, that’s all I’ll write for now. Feminist that I am, I’m not a man-hater, and it’s time for me to go spend the rest of the evening with my husband–who is basically just…

The cheese with my wine. The drink in my cup. The E & my M. The sub-woofer in my sound system…

Okay, metaphors aren’t my “thing.”


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