Why did you shoot me?

This whole “shoot first, decide whether it was a good idea to shoot later” mentality has got to end. I don’t know what I can really do about all of this injustice in the news (and not in the news). I guess praying for this country’s black men is a start.

Political Adventures

Why did you shoot me?

It seems that after many of these shootings that involve a white cop and a black person, there are those who are ready to justify the actions of the cop. Well, just from looking at this video, exactly how can you rationalize the officer’s actions?

This person was stopped for a seat-belt violation as he pulled into a gas station. If you can tell, the dude wasn’t aware that the police was following him until he was asked for his driver’s license. Now when complying with the officer, he quickly reached into his vehicle for the requested item, to be shot four times when he returned, with his wallet in his hand.

Are you still wondering whether this shooting was justified? What about after the victim was shot two more times while his hands were up with his wallet in his hand? Can that at…

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