The bishop died

After spending most of my weekend working on physics graphs and calculations, I was in no mood for Mass; but knowing my bad mood made Mass all the more important, I went. Of course I was glad, although when I heard the bells ringing as I was walking up to the church, I thought I was late, and nearly turned away. I know it’s foolish, but such is my hate for tardiness, that there have been times in my life I left or totally neglected to go somewhere because that was preferable to me to walking in late. I didn’t turn away last night though. I made my way in, and turned out not to be late anyway.

The priest announced, “for any of you who do not watch the news,” which is me, that our bishop had died. I have only followed the news about Bishop Flores in the church bulletin, and I only met the man once, but it was very sad for me. Less than a year ago, there he was, I saw him, and thousands of San Diego area Catholics, catechumens, and candidates.There is no time or real reason to try analyzing my feelings on all this, but I was sad, and I did pray. All I conclude is that if the bishop was indeed a man of God, then he is with God now, and my tears are out of place. Even if I cry because the world has lost a good person, then I am wrong. I say this because Jesus, the only good man, really, died; and rather than be sad that he is no longer walking about performing miracles, I think really it is our duty, if we are part of his church, to pick up his work. Someone will have to do what the bishop did, and we shall pray for that person. But as for the bishop, I hope he is with God.

There is more I wish to write, but I have passed the time I set for myself.


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