Wisdom of This World Pt. 2

Okay, so yesterday I wrote a lot about feeling passionate or not about God. I also wrote about trying to make decisions based on what I believe would please him vs. making them based on bad premises.

Long story short, I’m entering a field of study full of atheists, and often hostile toward Christianity. Okay. I’m still a semi-reasonable, logical person. I am persuaded by evidence to believe certain scientific principles, just as I am persuaded by other things that God exists and is the merciful Lord of all that is. So what? So studying science, which is really just to say, by using the scientific method to study the world, the only evidence I get is physical. I have math and logic to help me, of course. But the point of it all is to “know” things. To “know” the earth revolves around the sun. To “know” this universe is expanding. To “understand” how particles interact. On and on. That’s one type of knowledge…

But what many people seem not to see is that ultimately, scientific “knowledge,” is still based on assumptions and specific definitions. Why is a meter a meter? What is a meter? Ultimately, even if we have loads and loads of evidence, still there is no such thing as proof. Our theories must only be shown untrue once to be disproven. And as far as physical evidence of God — I say simply that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

It is hard to come to my point on this, and I do have other things I must do besides write. But I wish it were easier to articulate why I do not believe there is such a thing as proof. If only more people of my generation could come to realize that to believe in science is no more strictly rational than to believe in God…


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