Talking to Dad

Even though sometimes I think my parents are insane, and other times I dispute the evidence supporting their views (okay, especially my mom because she’s a total Republican), you know… it’s really good talking to my dad sometimes because he’s just such a smart person. He’s so smart, despite little education, and he does not give a rat’s ass whether his opinion or anything else is popular. My mom said that decades ago, he used to wear an earring until one day it became really popular for men to do that — and he hasn’t worn one since. I don’t know if that’s a fact, but I believe it.

As for me, it’s true that my “give a shit” only goes so far, perhaps not as far as many people’s, at least concerning some things. For example, I DO give a shit about the endangered species; therefore, I don’t eat tuna anymore, despite the fact that it’s delicious. On the other hand, I DO NOT give a shit about anybody’s opinion on my major who isn’t really qualified or directly concerned with whether I get a good job someday.

The reason I use that example is because this morning before my calc class (which was brutal in kind of a hilarious way, btw), there was some Asian guy literally asking people about their majors and career plans, then trying to break down, “Oh, this might be a better track,” or something like that. He was trying to give people advice… but I thought, “Bro, you’re in community college too! You are not qualified either by experience or education to tell anybody which engineering specialty is for them!” Know-it-all! You know nothing!

Anyway, so yeah, didn’t give a shit about his opinion. And I don’t give a shit about “the science community” or “the academic community’s” opinion on my religion either. This is kind of where Dad comes in.

Now, my father believes in Jesus. He doesn’t call himself a Christian, but essentially, that’s what he is. I think he’s just been burned in some way by church, but in any event, he just really doesn’t trust organized religion, probably especially the Catholic church (even though I told him, “Dad, I’m Catholic! It’s cool!” lol). So anyway, we were talking today about why/how the United States supports Israel, even when Israel is doing stuff that we don’t agree with, and don’t do ourselves, i.e. killing a lot of innocent children. Without typing anything more about the Israel-Palestine situation, Dad and I got into economic reasons, which eventually led into him talking about this group trying to control that, etc. He brought up religions trying to control people (whether that be a central part of some religious organization trying to control government, or the people that belong to that religion, or the people who don’t belong to that religion, he didn’t specify). “Whoa now,” I had to bring up the Darwinists and anti-religious people I have to deal with in life.

I told him about the way some people have treated me differently after finding out I believe in God (and especially Jesus!).

We talked for a while today, and one of the cool things I get from talking to my father sometimes is that we believe in God, and if other people don’t like that, then… *shrug* I said to him, “I can do perfectly good science, and believe in God. I want to study what God made, that’s it. Why is that hard to accept?” I mean, if I’m studying the physical world scientifically, does it matter if I believe God made it or if I believe it merely arose out of some incredibly complex and as yet unknown set of circumstances — or both? I know I’m only a community college student, but from what I’ve seen and read, science boils down to a few things:

-creative/critical/questioning thinking

An inch to a Christian is the same as an inch to an atheist. The anti-derivative of one function is the same to a Christian as to an atheist. It seems to me that a lot of atheist people (this is from my experience, anyway) just think if someone believes in God or especially the Christian God, then that person must be fundamentally less intelligent. It’s as though they can’t accept that Christians are just as well-equipped to ask questions about the physical world as they are.

I’m beating a dead horse here, but the point is, I talk to my father, and he’s by no means religious. He’s not a scientist or anything either. But he just seems to see so many things so clearly, and he agrees with me that really, maybe even in some existential sense, life and the universe are quite simple. Believe what you want. Dad and I don’t agree on everything still, but I’m glad when I talk to him about this sort of thing, that at least one incredibly intelligent person I know actually accepts the spiritual and divine aspect of the world as well. To me, why would I want to study a world if I didn’t think someone designed it? Why would I care about how humanity has evolved? Why would I read “A Tale of Two Cities,” if I weren’t uncovering and delighting in Charles Dickens’ many motifs and themes and social commentaries?

Many times, we look at incredible buildings, especially ancient monuments, and wonder at our ancestors who made them. It seems incredible that ancient man could have erected pyramids and Notre Dame de Chartres. It even seems incredible that modern man has made so many big city skyscrapers. But we automatically wonder about the maker of these grand things. We know someone must have made them.

When I see forests or mountains or especially the ocean, I wonder about The Great Architect. That’s how I think of God sometimes. I don’t think the statue of liberty just happened, and I don’t think that Mt. Fuji just happened either — by a long geological process or not. I think someone made these things happen, one way or another.

And anyway, while I don’t care if my views are popular (because they don’t seem to be), it’s still nice to talk to my father, and to know that all of this stuff is intuitively obvious to him too. I am not the only one. And he reminds me that it doesn’t matter what other people think. AHH well, I have more I’d like to ramble about, but, disorganized as it is, this is all I can do. I have physics, calc, and chemistry to work on! Every little thing that I begin to understand, or every little connection I begin to make.. it’s so wonderful. The more I learn, the more I believe in God, and am amazed. He’s The Great Architect, The Great Programmer, The Great Mystery.

IF ONLY I HAD TIME FOR A THEOLOGY COURSE! Doesn’t matter. I am trying to get back to reading at least a bit of the Bible daily, and that will have to do.

4 thoughts on “Talking to Dad

  1. I like your father based on what you say. Hard not to like your mother too.

    Ps have you read or watched Inherit the Wind?

    1. OH! Yes, I think I saw the 1960 film version many years ago. It was before I was a Christian, I can remember that much, so at least 8 years back. My uncle used to seem to think it was a huge deal, but I didn’t understand why at the time.

      Why? Do you recommend it (any specific version, or reading it)?

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