Physics 1 Day 1

Not too intense. Just some stuff on vectors, basic trigonometry that I’ve “learned” probably three or four times now. I’m not saying I didn’t have my dumbass moments, and I’m not saying I’ll get an A on my lab report; but the day didn’t seem too intense.

The only thing is, which I kind of half expected, but still wasn’t stoked about, it that literally within the first minute of lecture, my professor had to refer to religion. Atheist scientists today act like science has always been dominated by atheists. Why can’t we just study how the world works without the religious debate? I’ve never tried to convert someone to Christianity in a science (or any other) class. Why must I be subjected to irrelevant atheistic views at school? I remember before I was a Christian, how annoying Christians could be — and sometimes I am annoyed by my own people, or even myself. Everyone — yeah, everyone! — is a hypocrite sometimes. Why is it that when a Christian violates his or her own moral code, oh, that person is a lousy, self-righteous hypocrite; but when an atheist violates their moral code (which is more subjective anyway), yeah, it’s just human nature? Why is it that if a Christian so much as mentions the Bible, or invites someone to church, they’re “pushing religion” on people; but when atheist teachers talk against religion in class (which, btw, is not necessary to discuss evolution, physics, or anything scientific), or a group of Darwinists set up tents at local book fairs and things, that’s “free speech?” Give me a break. I’m glad not believing in anything but the utter meaninglessness of it all makes some people feel smarter than everybody else, but it’s so tiresome. I really don’t have any lofty goals, and I won’t be surprised if I end up back in the Navy in a few years, but really, I think it would be so badass to make some great contribution — you know, become a scientist that laymen have actually heard of — and then make a public confession something like this:

So now that you guys think I’m pretty intelligent and reasonable and scientific in my methods, and that I’m not that bad of a person to be around… hey, did you know I’m a Christian?! And even worse, I’m a Catholic!

Two issues with that are 1) All of my scientific work would probably just be renounced after that, even if it meant saying, “No, we think the earth is actually a Borg cube” or something ludicrous like that, and 2) to live as a Christian in the right way, you can’t hide it, I think. Didn’t Jesus say, if you have a light, you put it on the table? Didn’t he say we’re the light of the world? Whatever good we do should be to glorify the Father?

I’m not saying that I would go around randomly inviting my colleagues to Mass, but I am saying that somebody is going to see me walking around with an ash cross on my forehead some time. Ehhh.

Anyway, it’s nothing new. Ever since I became a Christian, I’ve dealt with this stuff. It’s just crazy that Christians rarely outside of the abortion debate and mmmmmmayyyybbbee evolution in some places, try to inject their religion into anything. But constantly these innocuous bits of Western humanity’s Christian past are being shoved out or attacked or… really just made too much out of. It’s a waste or time to have government officials working on whether or not some old cross on a hill should be taken down, or whether “under God” being in the pledge of allegiance violates someone’s rights.

Who gives a shit? If I truly didn’t believe in something, I can’t imagine hating it so much. That’s all. I don’t have time to keep rambling on this. GYM TIME.

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