Well, tried to run again today… NOPE!

I tried to run… really carefully because I had a feeling it was a bad idea (the pain in my ankle isn’t 100% gone)… and yeah, the pain was like, “HEY! I’M STILL IN HERE!”

Which is okay. Leaving this evening for a couple of weeks in Ohio. I guess I just won’t take my running shoes? I don’t know what to do. Seek out a public pool, perhaps. Ehhhh. Let’s be honest. One of the things that makes running far superior to other exercises/sports/activities is that it’s so convenient! You don’t need anything besides some sort of foot protection (even then, there are some good places to go totally barefoot), and, for some, a sports bra (and even then, you could certainly do without if you had to).

You can run anywhere at any time. You can run in rain, snow, even ice (done it). You can run indoors on treadmills, or on a ship in the middle of a Pacific (done that too).

But biking requires, well, a bike, and a helmet. Bikes ain’t cheap, and even if they were, they’re not the easiest things to fly across the country with. Swimming? Ha! Perhaps this would be almost as convenient as running if I lived in my native Florida (I say almost because there are times when due to severe storms, you would be stupid to swim anywhere except maybe an indoor pool, which I’m not sure even exists in Florida). But here in San Diego, you’ve got to pay to go somewhere, or pay to maintain your own pool, or take your chances in the frigid misery on our coast. I’ve asked people who know the area better than me where to go swim, and most places they say they wouldn’t dare jump in. The only place that seems like an option is the ocean–and even if it weren’t freaking freezing even in summer (I know, I tried to snorkel in La Jolla once), you know… to me it’s just not great for swimming. It’s either rocky, or there are tough currents, or both. Ugh!

Not by any means saying I want to go back to Florida, or that I don’t appreciate my baby (that is, my mountain bike). Just saying I wish to God I could get through a few months without some injury that keeps me from running! Running is the best!

Oh. Plus you can eat while running, but it is much harder to do so while biking or swimming. I like eating, therefore I like this fact.


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