A five minute speech about an art/communication topic


Here is the mind map I have. I have no idea what to talk about because I hate to be too generic… “Artists can communicate through painting, sculpture, or even recycled trash!”

But I hate to be too esoteric… “Let’s explore whether art can shape a society’s values, or whether art is simply a reflection of values that are already established.”

But I hate to be random… “Let’s talk about the message being sent by Rococo style art, just because I recently saw a really cool Boucher painting in person. Doesn’t matter that nobody cares! I’m giving the speech!”

See, I don’t want to give a speech no one wants to hear. That’s why I didn’t talk about calculus or running in my first speech — even though I was allowed to pick any topic that I already had some knowledge about. I picked the Navy instead, because everybody in San Diego is in/was in/knows somebody who is in/was in the Navy… or Marines Corps, at least. Close enough. But most people don’t like calculus or running.

Or Rococo art.

School can be such a pain in the ass. I accept that oral communication is important. I accept, and know from experience, that you never know when your employer will want you to talk about some shit in front of a bunch of people. It’s tough to be a shy person out there, kiddies! But, ya know, having to come up with *some* topic will never happen in real life. Even if I were to become an art history professor (I’ll try if the whole physics thing doesn’t work out), I’m pretty sure I’d have a curriculum guiding me.

Not trying to complain, but this speech class I’m taking is the worst. It’s really not that demanding, but it does require me to waste a certain amount of my time that I’d rather waste some other way — or spend productively, on calculus or running. Heck, or sitting in front of that Boucher painting at the Timken Museum.


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