Calculus 1 Day 14

I have only a tiny, tiny bit of computer programming knowledge, but I think it’s really helped me with some mathematical concepts (also my background working on electronics helps now and then).

But today as I was looking at average speed v. instantaneous speed v. acceleration, I thought what I’m sure many people have said over the centuries: math seems like a language. It seems like an explanation of things. But it’s not fluent (at least not yet to me) like a spoken language. It seems more like an instructional, logical computer language.

Then I was thinking about our world, I don’t know, like The Matrix or something like that. The world, existence, all of our movements, the movement of the particles smaller even than electrons… like an incredibly written and executed computer program written by God. Honestly, just thinking how technology has progressed just since I became aware of it in my life, it doesn’t seem crazy to me to think about existence in this sort of way. Maybe a long time ago, I’d have thought the world was too complex to be written (and its complexity is part of the reason I do believe and feel awed by God). But now I feel like infinite complexity…

Well, I actually don’t have time to be writing anything lengthy. My point is that I’m being reminded of the things that made me want to become a mathematician probably eight years ago. I think it’s pretty lame that so many people think of math+engineering, math+economics, math+concrete. To me, it seems so abstract, and always makes me ask questions that would really only be welcome in a philosophy class. Yet it is incredibly applicable to the physical world. Is it the code underlying our reality? Or is it a language we’ve created to describe our reality? The beautiful concepts suggested by math — are they simply expressions of what is otherwise less clear in our physical reality?

Ugh, I have no time. Really, I love it though. I truly do love it.


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