Chaplet of Divine Mercy


I had an interest in Catholicism for a long time before I joined the Church. One day I was in the chapel on my ship, and I picked up this little pocket rosary booklet. I was curious. I didn’t attend any type of services at that time, so I’m not sure why I was in the chapel. Was it the one time I went to Mass with a Catholic friend? The time I went down there to donate books (since the chapel and the library on the ship are connected)? Oh, or was it the time I went down to meet a friend to chit chat there for some reason? I don’t know, but I do know I held on to the booklet–have held onto it these years since.

It was a long time after that that I ended up praying the chaplet of divine mercy for my aunt. Only days or weeks before, she had given me a very old rosary that had been in the family; she gave it to me because I’m really the only person she thought might either use it or have an interest in it in our family. I’m not sure even now that she knows I used it to pray for her. The best part is that a miracle did happen after those prayers, and my aunt is still with us.

One of many signs, maybe, on my road to the Church. I thought I had lost this little booklet, and I bought a new, more detailed one recently. But since my husband and I moved, going through everything we own, I found the booklet. Looking back on my life as a Christian, it seems like such a long time. And looking back at the path I’ve walked… well, I still walk. Better not look back too much yet.

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