Calculus 1 Day 11


Calculus is really interesting and useful. Unfortunately, I can’t use it worth shit yet. After class today, a guy was saying that he feels so smart when he talks about calculus. He also admitted he’s been doing badly on our daily quizzes… and I’ve been thinking that I sure wish I could “feel smart” when it comes to calculus. I mean, sure, I sound mighty knowledgeable to people who don’t know calculus at all, but… I still haven’t mastered anything.

I was also thinking about articles I’ve read about female scientists, suggesting that female science students often don’t have the confidence of their male counterparts — totally regardless of ability. And confidence can really be a big factor (oh, that word makes me shiver) in deciding whether to wear those stilettos — or to major in a hard science.

So I’m trying not to sweat it when I screw up a problem (after spending 15 minutes on it), as seen in this little pic. The boys don’t sweat it, right?

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