Calculus 1 Day 8

Haven’t started class yet, but it should be intense. Yesterday was. The thing is that calculus itself doesn’t seem too bad; only the aspects of algebra that I never completely mastered are now haunting me. It’s cool though because now I am having to go back and fill in the old holes in my skill set. This class is the most challenging I’ve had in college so far… But that makes it fun… I really didn’t like my pre-calc class, for example, because it was like a giant review of a few concepts in algebra and trig. (My calculus prof also says that pre-calc courses should focus on the binomial theorem, which mine did not; so for all I know, I really missed out.)

Anyway, it would be nice to write more, but everything is in a rush lately. Have I mentioned we’re moving today? Yeah, I packed boxes in lieu of studying last night.

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